1. Parking at the boathouse is permitted for the 2021 season

2. Face Masks must be worn in and around the boathouse and on the docks. Mask can be removed once on the water but should be put back on when returning to the dock

3. Rowing in team boats is permitted for the 2021 season with consenting adults

4. The Hodson Boathouse is off limits this season, no erg room, tank room, bathrooms and no gathering permitted on the porch.

5. The Truslow Boathouse is limited to the use of the bathroom and club room.

6. The club will not assign oars in 2021. The oars will be kept in the fuel shed at the request of Washington College to keep traffic down in the Truslow Building.

7. After each row wash the oars along with the boat before returning the oars to the fuel shed.

8. Use conservative judgement and more caution about winds when considering rowing. Walk out at the end of the dock to help evaluate the conditions.

9. The days and hours available to CRRC on the boathouse grounds are as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9 – close Wednesday, Friday 9-3pm Saturday 12 – close Sunday All Day