No one is allowed to work out alone.  Shirts must be worn at all times.

The erg room and tanks are available to the rowing club all day on Sundays and when WC students are not training.  

As always, our students come first.  If students are working out you will have to come back at another time. 

Club members are not permitted to work out in the same space as our students.  



The CRRC rowing/coaching schedule will be posted in the coming weeks and will be posted on the sign-up calendar.

From the WC coaches:

The men and women will be practicing:

     Monday thru Friday 5:45-8am

     Saturdays 7-10am

     Please note that they will be hosting the WAC Invitational on Saturday 3/26/22 from 8-4pm. (CRRC rowers please avoid the college rowing facilities.)


Keep in mind that during on the water practice Washington College students ALWAYS take precedence over CRRC members. Keep the docks clear. If the students are going out delay your launch.  If they are coming back in wait for them to clear the dock.

We can share the outdoor area but need to make a special effort to keep our distance.

Remember Sundays are always free.

Sue Collins

President CRRC