The College has a few NEW rules at the Boathouse           

From the Waterfront Director:

As we start the fall semester in person this year I want to lay out our current policy for access to Hodson Boathouse.

Masks are required indoors except if you are actively using cardio equipment in the erg room and tank room.  It is strongly recommended that you open the bay doors when you are working out in the erg room.

No one is allowed to work out alone.  Shirts must be worn at all times.

The erg room and tank is available to the rowing club all day on Sundays and weekdays from 12-2pm.  

As always, our students come first.  If students are working out you will have to come back at another time. 

Club members are not permitted to work out in the same space as our students.  



There will be schedule changes for club rowing starting the week of August 30th as Washington College students are returning to campus.

The updated schedule will be as follows:

Morning rows: 7-8:30 

Evening rows: 5:30-7:30

Saturday rows: 8-9:30

Vice President Lucy Mitchell will post on the online sign-up calendar.

Keep in mind that Washington College students ALWAYS take precedence over CRRC members. Keep the docks clear. If the students are going out delay your launch.  If they are coming back in wait for them to clear the dock.

We can share the outdoor area but need to make a special effort to keep our distance.

Remember Sundays are always free.

As an addendum, Washington College will host a family weekend at the boathouse Saturday September 18th. There will be no CRRC rowing that day. Open row will be Sunday 19th instead.

Thank you and looking forward to cooler temperatures,

Sue Collins

President CRRC